Fourth World Radio

Alternative Reality Rock... Adventurous thematic universes and stories of Evolution, Escape, Travel, Metamorphosis, Transcendence and Redemption, encapsulated in song, painted with sonic landscapes of Rock, Jazz, World, and Psychedelia and Americana.

Steely Dan, Buffalo Springfield, Terry Reid, Weather Report, Led Zeppelin, Soundgarden, Prince, Yes, Peter Gabriel, Sting, U2, Neil Young, Bob Dylan.... just some of the influences.... some of these maybe perhaps quite obvious and definitive, others maybe only in reference or a subtle character trait within the gene sequence. Still others are just references by circumstance or coincidence. But really this is just a cheap way of maybe getting your attention... "Step right up, step right up!!!" he bellows like a snake-oil salesman across the muddy thoroughfare of some bustling western encampment in the dawn of the American dreamscape. .....But beneath the cheap facade there is something very meaningful. To me at least. These songs are collectively speaking about change, metamorphosis, evolution of body, mind, spirit, location, action.... they are about travel, adventure, the hero's journey, and escape from either the literally oppressive or an unjust situation... or maybe just from the mundanity and repetitions cycles we find ourselves in from time to time. Not only breaking the wheel (to quote Game Of Thrones, if I may), but to find new ones, to further the analogy. New beginnings, new rides, wheels up and clear skies. To open our doors to new experiences, different attitudes, unique trajectories, as dangerous as they may be, as terrifying as they may be, as glorious as they may be, these fortunes that favor the bold. To have the boldness of mind to step away from the shadow of singularity and into the infinite rays of chance, and to let your fate take the wheel from time to time. There is a story here, I promise... no matter how thin and tenuous the threads between may be. I may strive to weave the web thicker at some point, but maybe after a break when my travel-weary body and mind have rested...And so... with the book and movie deal heretofore unsecured, I offer to you, for your consideration, a six-song cross section of a strange life and it's strange thoughts, nestled right here in a womb of wires, voltage and code.

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