Transmission: One

Fourth World Radio

Tropical World Jazz Metal Arena Rock... Atmospheric, Cinematic, Psychedelic Yacht Rock With A Sharp Edge And Heavy Delivery.

Welcome Adventurers to "Transmission: One", the new album by Fourth World Radio. This record is presented for your sonic enjoyment and as a doorway into a different kind of musical experience. Not exactly a concept album, as there is no distinct linear story-line, it wants to bring you into a different world, with tales to tell and images to make your own decision as to what it is about. It is a dreamer's adventure into a wild tropical world of dangerous liaisons (Lush), hedonistic yacht parties (Ibiza), destructive yet beautiful love (Stormchaser), synthesis of man and nature (Dawn Chorus), transformation (Burning Off The Wolf), redemption and hope (That's What It Feels Like To Me), harmonic communication with ancient aliens (title track) and a wild eyed operatic return home (The Martini Shot). These sounds, rhythms and lyrics weave together to create a world to escape to, to be lost and found in, to breathe color into your life if it is needed. We hope you purchase the physical CD so that you may see the artwork created, which is half the story. If you download it digitally, please go to Fourth World Radio's website ( fourthworldradio dot com)(we have been told not to use website URLs here in this description, hence the "spelling out")... Again, please go to the website and download the PDF for album artwork and lyrics, and to learn more about the band! Thank you for reading. Now we hope you can sit with us for a while and listen. Carry on....

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    Lush 6:12
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    Ibiza 5:39
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